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Jacqueline Cooper, JD, MA LDT, NBCT, CCI, BMM, CEO (aka CryptoMom2)

“I started to write Samantha’s story as The Bitcoin Cinderella for my daughter.  As a mother and teacher, I could see how parents were not communicating with their children about their cryptocurrency investments or NFT creations or blockchain developments.  I believe it is critical for families and youth to discuss what they are doing online.  Digital assets are being created daily and yet we are not documenting them to share with our loved ones.  The Bitcoin Cinderella blockchain adventure series allow families to enjoy magical fairytales interwoven with understanding blockchain developments.  Each story takes place in a different part of the world and integrates new concepts from Bitcoin Mining to DAOS to Digital Sandboxes and more.  I love reading and am writing these adventures to be shared as read alouds for family time.  Within each adventure are links to explore to the virtual digital world we are exploring. Enjoy! Have fun! Samantha is traveling the world to open the doors for us all!”    Shared by … JC/CryptoMom2


At the helm of our organization is Jacqueline Cooper, a visionary leader with a deep-rooted passion for blockchain technology and its capacity to drive positive change. Jacqueline Cooper brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Blockchain Legal Institute Foundation. She has a Masters from Notre Dame of Maryland University (MA LDT). She is a National Board Certified Teacher in the area of Exceptional Needs Specialist/Early Childhood Through Young Adult. She is dedicated to inclusion as well as the development of work skills and career opportunities for youth, young adults and career switchers. She is certified in the areas of cryptocurrency investigations as well as an Assessor for the Blockchain Maturity Model ( She is licensed as an attorney in the District of Columbia. She has over a decade of experience in leadership roles and is now applying this to supporting the next generation of leaders within the blockchain community. She is the author of the Bitcoin Cinderella blockchain adventure series, the Essential Digital Asset Organizer for Attorneys & Consumers and other references books for consumers, non profits, businesses and attorneys (available on Amazon). Finally, her major at Vassar College laid the foundation for her blockchain journey as it was multi-disciplinary in the area of Science, Technology & Society. Jacqueline is an internationally recognized author and Talk Show Host. Her expertise spans across various blockchain platforms and applications, including cryptocurrencies, smart contracts, and decentralized finance (DeFi). She is a Media Ambassador for the Global Business Blockchain Council. She is the Co-Chair of the Government Blockchain Association’s Legal Working Group and the GBA Talk Show 

Cameron Browne, Darien Advisors

Darien Advisors is the Blockchain Legal Institute Foundation’s advisor on matters of accounting. Cameron Browne and his team have years of experience in working with the Web3, DAO, and cryptocurrency community.

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